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Reaper (Creepypasta OC) by Jinx-the-lost Reaper (Creepypasta OC) :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 1 0
Endings Without Stories Chapter 1
Standing alone with no direction
How did I fall so far behind?
Why am I searching for perfection
Knowing it's something I won't find?
-Linkin Park, No Roads Left
       Arriving at a new school can be scary for anyone, the tension of meeting new people, being forced to the bottom of the food chain, and having to create teams for the next four years of your life. Beacon was a large school filled with talented students that could easily bully the new kids. Especially a young Mercury Black, with his thick rimmed glasses and his shaggy gray hair falling in his face, he was an easy target. He wasn't even the best fighter, so there was no way for him to even stand up for himself.
       He sighed and adjusted his feet in the boots he wore. At Signal they never found his semblance, so everything was even more difficult for him. It's really hard to believe he even got into the school with how bad his transcripts were. Following the crowd of eager
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 3 2
FMA OC: Sorrow the Mournful by Jinx-the-lost FMA OC: Sorrow the Mournful :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 4 0
Welcome to the Show (Magician!Male!BelarusxReader)
  A young girl sat there amongst many chairs. She was the only one there when a blond male came from behind the dusty, ripped brown curtains. The (h/c) female appeared to know the man from the look on her face, his platinum blond flattened from the old black top hat with a red lace ribbon tied around the base of the hat. His pale features seemed eerie from the shadowing of the hat, but somehow his amethyst eyes appeared to glow maliciously as if they could peer into the woman’s soul even though his orbs held no emotion in them. He wore a black cape that touched his ankles; he had plain black trousers, a white long-sleeved shirt, an off white vest, and a red bow-tie. He moved his cape aside as he began to speak.
  “Pryvitannie, ladies and gentlemen,” he spoke as if to a whole audience. Maybe he’s practicing… I wonder why Anya told me to come now... She thought to herself as the man started to speak. “I’m Nikolai and this will
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 17 6
Mature content
Points of Authority (KGB!ReaderxCIA!America) :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 8 2
Sicilia Chibi by Jinx-the-lost Sicilia Chibi :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 2 10
My Rose Romantic!Vampire!RomaniaxReader (part 3)
  A soft breeze that smelt sweetly is what woke you to in the morning. Your (e/c) orbs slowly began to peel open to be met with by a pair of sparkling ruby irises. You jumped a bit from the sight, for you had thought this whole thing was a dream. A fanged smile appeared on his lips to see that you had finally woken.
  “(name) ~ my rose, you are awake. Did you have dreams as lovely as you are?” Romania asked in a quiet, husky voice that made you blush from this compliment.
  “I’m still dreaming…” you muttered to yourself.
  “Not at all, frumos~” he purred in his native tongue. Your already light pink cheeks turned into a redder color. His whole face curled into a genuinely beautiful smile which caused his sharp canines that caressed his lower lips, those pointed fangs seemed to gleam under the dim lighting of the large room. You began to get a bit curious of the room that you and the mysterious Romanian man had been la
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 29 41
AmericaxKGB! J's Islands by Jinx-the-lost AmericaxKGB! J's Islands :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 2 0 The Insane Trio~ by Jinx-the-lost The Insane Trio~ :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 1 3
My Rose Romantic!Vampire!RomaniaxReader (part 2)
  The dove that sent you the rose suddenly disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and from the smoke rose petals and sparkles fell around you making you giggle softly. A breeze suddenly blew the sparkles into your face causing you to close your eyes quickly. A chuckle sounded from behind you causing you to jump. As you turned you met a pair of ruby eyes.
  “Hi (name) ~!” Romania cooed excitedly; a ridiculous, large, childish smile played brightly on his face revealing his two pointed canines. You just stared in shock, he, he’s real?! you squealed in your mind. You were about to go up and glomp him, but you couldn’t move; not even your gaze could break free of his instance, beautiful red orbs. “Now, now (name) ~,” he cooed in a different, not childish voice. Stalking closer to you, eyes not leaving yours; he got so close you could touch him. “One day you are to be my mate, until then you have to come with me.” Caressing your s
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 37 25
RomanoxInu!Reader (part 3)
  “Fratello she was-a bleeding!” Feli cried out.
  “I don’t-a see anyone you-a stupido!” the other voice shouted, unhappy. A small whimper escaped your muzzle. The yelling slowly calmed down to almost nothing. You had though they left to go fight or something, so you slowly crawled out from under the bed. Looking out from the sheets that covered the opening under the bed, your (e/c) eyes were met by two not very friendly amber orbs. A low, frightened whimper sounded from you.      “Idiota, call the-a vet she might-a be lost!” the man in front of you snapped at his brother.
  Nodding, Feli strolled out of the room and down the hall, leaving you and his brother alone. Your fear filled (e/c) eyes looked up at the taller Italian male. When he believed the coast was clear, he made a clicking noise with his tongue and patted his leg for you to come over to him. Your dog instincts took over, and you ran up to him. Holding
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 84 101
My Rose Romantic!Vampire!RomaniaxReader (Part 1)
  Slim finger danced across the virgin paper with a pencil in your hand as you formed a beautiful picture of the man you love, Romania, and you together. The picture was perfect to you, but the fact you were in it seem to ruin the perfection. You never saw yourself as much of anything: not pretty, not smart, not funny, etc. But you had a wish that you believed only this fictional character could fulfill. Vladimir was the name you decided to call him since there were so many fan names, but Vladimir was your favorite.
 As you finished the picture of you and him dancing, you thought of how much fun it would be to have him there. You couldn't help but truly be in love with the childish, seductive, romantic, beautiful vampire you knew as Romania, or as you liked to call him Vladdy. Daydreaming of what it would be like to have him with you, you felt a shift of air fill your room. Looking around, you saw your once shut and locked window slightly open.
  "Why is that open?" you asked yourself,
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 54 24
Chibi Sicily Rave (Contest Entry) by Jinx-the-lost Chibi Sicily Rave (Contest Entry) :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 1 2
RomanoxInu!Reader part 2
You woke up on something soft and warm, a thing you never been on but always wanted; a bed. That was when you realized you weren’t in your dog form. Quickly, you looked around for clothes; but, to your great astonishment, you had a large shirt draped over your small frame. The shirt covered you down to almost your knees. You continued to look for clothes for a better covering. (You were looking for panties, a bra, and better fitting clothes.) While on your search, you found yourself staring back at yourself in a mirror.
In your opinion, it looked like someone had washed you.
Your soft features weren’t caked in dried mud and dust. Those tangled (h/c) locks of yours were brushed and shined with cleanness. Even under your long finger nails were clean and they were also cut. You were amazed by the difference, you had only seen yourself as a dirty half human half dog thing. Seeing yourself this way made you feel like a person not a thing. For the first time in a long time you di
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 69 29
"Cold. Everything. Everyone. Cold"  That's all you thought as your little paws carried you along the night streets of Southern Italy. The sounds of the night were all you heard, Italians singing or making love. Crickets chirp with every other of your steps. Streetlights came up every once and a while. Your (e/c) orbs scanned everywhere to find somewhere to rest or something to eat. The streets were empty compared to how crowed they are in the day. All the stands were closed down, you made a friend with a man that owned a tomato stand, but he could only give you food once a week that way he didn't get in trouble.
You being part human part dog you felt like you never belonged anywhere. But it didn't matter to you now; all you were focused on was find either a place to rest or food. You needed to find something to eat you hadn't eaten anything since you found some pizza crust in a garbage can yesterday. But before you could food today the owner of the garbage chased you away, so
:iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 115 39
Chibi J's Islands by Jinx-the-lost Chibi J's Islands :iconjinx-the-lost:Jinx-the-lost 1 0

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Steampunk Zodiac by amasugiru Steampunk Zodiac :iconamasugiru:amasugiru 242 53 APH: PoTO chibis part one by yunichan APH: PoTO chibis part one :iconyunichan:yunichan 102 20 Anime Couple by AnimeDream4ever Anime Couple :iconanimedream4ever:AnimeDream4ever 389 59 Base-Couple 2 by carula19 Base-Couple 2 :iconcarula19:carula19 1,522 116 :: Base 29 :: by CherryCupcakePixels :: Base 29 :: :iconcherrycupcakepixels:CherryCupcakePixels 1,505 169 :: Base 115 :: by CherryCupcakePixels :: Base 115 :: :iconcherrycupcakepixels:CherryCupcakePixels 1,826 242 Girl Group base by Fara4X3 Girl Group base :iconfara4x3:Fara4X3 1,092 178 Base no. 22 by Wolfie-pixels Base no. 22 :iconwolfie-pixels:Wolfie-pixels 2,084 248 Hetalia:faces of the nations by Brilcrist Hetalia:faces of the nations :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 20,612 1,373 Wammy House Meme~ by FireAtWill42 Wammy House Meme~ :iconfireatwill42:FireAtWill42 1 5 Romania Mochi Shimeji [WIP - CANCELLED] by Graycchi Romania Mochi Shimeji [WIP - CANCELLED] :icongraycchi:Graycchi 57 4
PrussiaxReader I will shoot you...
You strapped on your arm guard and picked up your black compound bow, looking out at the target. It was pretty far away, and there was a slight breeze. You pulled an arrow out of your quiver, nocked it, and took another look at the distance between you and the target.
You took aim, your keen eyes picking out the target in the moonlight. You went still, feeling the world around you, listening to your soft breathing, and then you shot. Your arrow whizzed past your cheek, slicing through the air, and hit the center of your small paper target.
Archery had always calmed you down, and you loved the silence of the night. So you had started shooting at night in the forest near your home. You had spent most of the night tossing and turning, completely unable to sleep, so you had come out once again to do the only thing that would help.
You listened to the stillness of the night and closed your eyes, feeling the wind on your face and in your hair. A twig cracked behind you, and you spun in a blu
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 203 56
APH Prussia by AMV-artist APH Prussia :iconamv-artist:AMV-artist 158 54
       You wanted a mochi so badly and now you finally had time to go get one, but now you were faced with the problem of choosing which blob of adorableness to take home. They were all so cute, you could hardly contain yourself! There was one big one with purple eyes, a light pink scarf that covered his mouth, and a large nose. You were informed that he was a Russian mochi. Then there were 2 mochis; one with beautiful blue eyes and a bit of yellow stubble growing from his chin, trying to get on top of the other, who had emerald green eyes and abnormally large eyebrows, yelling angrily at the latter. They were French and British mochis. Then, there was a large mochi that was actually a block with blue eyes and an emotionally indifferent look etched on his face; he was a German mochi. And next to that German mochi, was the absolute, most adorable thing you had ever laid eyes on!
He had a little curl jutting out from the let side of his head, his eyes were closed so y
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 507 189
Touchy-Feely (Awesome Trio x Reader)
Touchy-Feely (Awesome Trio x Reader)
Pop, pop, pop. The popcorn in the microwave softly beat out a tune, to which you gladly submitted to. A sigh of relief escaped your lips. “Home! Finally...” you breathed to yourself. Today had been a long, tiring day in which your main duty had been to deal with aggravating, ungrateful, belligerent people whose days’ had suddenly become ten times more important than yours.
You flopped down on your couch clad in baggy pajama pants and a tank top. “Time for a Doctor Who marathon,” you said, taking up your remote and pointing it at the television. You wrapped a fluffy blanket around your shoulders for extra warmth. “And no one’s gonna—”
Your sentence was cut off as a loud pounding on the door. Your gaze snapped to it in annoyance and you let out a loud groan. Begrudgingly, you stood from your comfortable position on the couch and shuffled to it. Whoever it is better be ready to pay...
:iconbirdsandpoetry:BirdsAndPoetry 386 152


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Hey everyone, 

There's a contest going on and if you win your character gets put into a comic. 

It looks like fun so you guys should join.

Here's the link: <da:thumb id="526612646"/>



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Alissa Burnside
United States
I'm a writer, I love to write it helps me with a lot. I draw a bit but it's not all that good. I love God and stuff. Music=Life for me. I don't care what people think of me, it's not like they know me. I'm a simple person: be nice to me and the people I love/care for and I'll be nice to you.

I have a few issues that influence my writing and drawings... sometimes drawings. I'm easy to get along with.

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